To enhance the overall operation of an organization, our global network of consulting experts helps in providing solutions to our clients’ queries while improving the effectiveness of their organization. From making necessary changes in the services, we help our clients to attain stability and meet their desired goals.

Investment Research

CRIFAX’s investment research analysts offer their expertise to our clients from across the globe through their data-driven analysis to help them understand potential sectors and competitors along with possible challenges and outcomes in the market, guiding them to make efficient investments and gain profits in the process.

Syndicated Research

With our expertise across Healthcare, Energy & Power, and ICT sector, we design our reports with host of benefits by providing broad overview of an industry collected from our surveys and trade interviews among other methods, to help our clients in understanding the overall scenario of the desired market.

Procurement Research

For sustainable value creation, our procurement research consultants deliver in-depth insights to various conglomerates and market players helping them to take highly instructive business decisions related to their supply and value chain with an objective to hone customer satisfaction and attain competitive advantage in the market.

Patent Research

Our patent research benefits several areas of our clients’ business by helping them to identify and evaluate latest patent related data, in order to understand competitor’s strategy and the latest technologies they are working on along with the possibility of investing at the right time to meet their business targets.

Equity Research

Our equity research evaluates and capture overall financials and movements of a company that our client is interested in. Our analysis comprises of market revenue/stocks, key developments and competitive attributes which help our clients to determine both quantitative and qualitative facets in order to make an informed decision.

Brand Research

Our brand research assists our clients with businesses of all sizes both before and after the launch, as well as periodically to strengthen their brand and services by analyzing challenges, and intensifying their values, management and customer satisfaction among other areas of development.

Customized Research

Our team of experienced customer research analysts and business consultants provide our clients an in-depth industry knowledge comprising of both quantitative and qualitative data which is tailored and optimized according to their needs, helping them to make strategic decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Clients