Financial Modelling

To understand all the financial aspects such as capital budgeting, cost of capital and economic conditions among overall relevant calculations and statements, our financial analysts guide our clients through the important information that is required to make investment decisions in order to support their projects.

Operational Modelling

Integration of digital technologies to hone revenue and customer experience enables businesses to effectively formulate and execute their business strategies. Depending on the complexities in an organization, our operating model help our clients with accurate steps required to understand future implications and meet desired objectives.

Freight Transport Modeling

In an attempt to understand complexity and fast-changing conditions affecting development of a business along with effective solutions required to manage the flow of things from point of origin to the point of utilization, our team of logistics and freight experts help our clients to achieve stability and carry out their operations more economically.

Human Resource Modelling

From hiring, motivation, training and appraisal to maintaining the relationship with employees, our HR model helps the organizations to recruit resourceful and talented personnel in order to efficiently carry numerous tasks of the business, thereby adding value to their company along with meeting their future needs.

Industry Analysis

Our CRIFAX’s team of industry analysts from various domains identify latest trends and developments in their chosen sector and provide both in-depth industry analysis and consulting services to our clients with their data-driven approach, helping them to understand current business environment and gain competitive edge in their business.

Economic Analysis

Our hands-on experience in understanding various business demands and opportunities along with executing strategies to overcome existing challenges help our clients to identify and evaluate necessary economic elements to make wiser decisions and eliminate their market risk exposure while gaining profits in the process.

Supply & Demand Analysis

Our economic model of supply and demand helps in price determination pertaining to availability and demand of commodities in the market. Our analysis helps our clients to regulate product development and maintain their equilibrium price with respect to the competition in the market.

Product Analysis

Our CRIFAX’s team for product analysis helps in understanding potential customers’ requirements related to design, aesthetics, color, ergonomics and materials used among other features of the product that affect their buying pattern. Our strategies help our clients to understand overall product analysis, thereby helping them to stay ahead of the competition.

M & A Services

To stimulate growth and gain competitive edge in the market, various companies look forward to Mergers and Acquisitions to multiply their opportunities and generate profits in the process. With our years of experience in providing M & A Services, we guide our clients with the strategic approach they need to attain their business targets.

Company Analysis

Our company analysis experts identify competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and deliver insights on the value of a company comprising of its history, objectives, market share, services, management structure, its future profitability and position in the industry among other variables to our clients and help them accomplish their business objectives.

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